Things To Do In Mt. Vernon, NY
Things To Do In Mt. Vernon, NY

Famous People From Mt.Vernon NY

Famous People From Mt. Vernon, NYThere are a whole set of people born or living or in the Mount Vernon. A whole host of actors a quite a staggering number have come from this region and it can count to be highest in the country who have just made name, fame and money too. This place may a lot of lot creative juices flowing that people come out just as talented from this place. It is a place where the quaint and the people are out there have been bred and come out to the world with all that they have to give with their gifts along with a strong legacy of standing out of the crowd. Let us look at the famous people from Mt. Vernon, NY.

Famous personalities

There some of the legends who have worked for the country and its people one of them being Frances Albrier who was civil rights activist. Then there are so many actors from mount Vernon such Denzel Washington who not only is a prolific actor but a director, film maker among other things he does. There is the legendary Dick Clark who as a television personality is still remembered with fondness. The great writer E.B white who has written a lot of memorable works.
Mt. Vernon, NY
Who will forget the very funny Paul Lynde who not only being comedian but a game show host too. The theatre personality who has done films along with comedy is Art Carney. The great Michael Imperioli a television, producer and screenwriter. Then there is the indomitable Ralph Branca, a baseball player, just like basket ball Gus Williams. The famous entrepreneur Seth Godin with his online companies has written books which are worth your reading time. His works are business themed books which are best sellers.
John Marks who has been inducted in the songwriter’s hall of fame, he has written some great hits to his name. Deajah Stevens is the sprinter who has become three time state champion.